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Maintaining consistent compliance for regulatory standards such as PCI-DSS can be challenging, especially if your security policies aren’t consistent between your on-premise and hybrid cloud infrastructures. FireMon streamlines your network security policy management with real-time situational awareness and ensures continuous compliance of security policies from a single pane of glass. Whether you need audit reports ready out-of-the-box or customizable reports tailored to your unique requirements, FireMon reduces the time you spend configuring policies and gives you the confidence to meet your regulatory or internal compliance audit demands.

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How FireMon Helps the Retail Industry

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Simplify Compliance

Storing your customers’ credit card information means you face increased scrutiny over your regulatory compliance posture. In addition to PCI-DSS, you must meet new standards including GDPR, increasing costs and strain on your limited resources. FireMon provides automated compliance assessment capabilities that help you validate configuration requirements and alert you when violations occur. You can produce reports detailing rule review decisions for auditors, customize reports to suit your specific requirements and maintain a repository of change documentation.

Secure at Retail Speed

Digital transformation has opened new markets for retailers, improving supply chain efficiency with IoT and customer satisfaction with online stores that never close. However, this increased speed and agility can leave your team racing to protect your customers’ data and ensure regulatory compliance. FireMon can bridge the gap between your DevOps, security and business teams with a consistent operating model that improves security and agility while reducing costs.

Secure at Retail Speed
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Gain Real-Time Visibility

FireMon provides retailers with situational awareness through unmatched real-time visibility into your dynamic infrastructure. We deliver context, breach and network segmentation analytics to understand changes to your infrastructure as they occur, and identify threats hiding across the darkest reaches of your network. By combining vulnerability data with network policy, we eliminate 100% of your blind spots and monitor changes or unusual behaviors to eliminate any gaps in coverage that may leave you exposed.

Boost Hybrid Cloud Security

Your critical infrastructure can change in the blink of an eye, with new changes that demand new security rules. FireMon’s adaptive controls respond to those changes, instantly pushing updated policies to the right enforcement points to fortify your network. We can remove expired and unnecessary rules instantly, so your integrated network and cloud federations are always protected. FireMon monitors all of the moving parts to optimize your security posture, reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your hybrid network.

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Enable DevOps Agility

While your DevOps team develops, tests and deploys new applications to drive market differentiation for your organization, you’re challenged with ensuring consistent security without impeding innovation. FireMon accelerates your speed to market by giving DevOps and other application owners the ability to manage and control their own business access requirements with guided “self-serve” security that automatically distributes the right rules to any enforcement point.

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FireMon solutions blend powerful, real-time security analysis with automated workflows to deliver field-tested, cloud-secured network security policy management for your hybrid enterprise. See for yourself.

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