Security Orchestration: Command Your Security Controls

Enterprises move faster than ever – so do their networks. With business requirements shifting, new platforms being adopted (e.g. cloud, virtualization, containers) and compliance standards evolving at light speed, what is a security team to do?

Add in staff shortages, and you get a trouble spot for most enterprises. Security simply cannot keep pace with the steady stream of access requests, vulnerabilities to patch, new applications deployed and constant threats at every turn.

How We Do It

Comprehensive Automation

Orchestration is made possible with end-to-end automation, giving you speed and flexibility with all your security controls and network policies. From policy design to implementation, you’ll be able to automate your network security. Remove errors, ensure compliance, meet SLAs and do it all with total security.

Real-Time Monitoring

Orchestration begins with real-time network awareness. FireMon is the only solution with real-time monitoring from a live stream of data. See it all, take action, reduce risk and secure your global network in real-time.

Performance At Scale

Only FireMon scales in every direction. Data collectors gather security details, normalize device rules and store it all in a unified database for central management. From a single console, you get total network visibility to command your security controls. Save time, stay secure, meet compliance and reduce your attack surface at global scale.

FireMon’s orchestration platform brings together all your security controls, automates changes and collapses your risks.  FireMon solves the hybrid enterprise security challenge, so you can:

  • Reduce the complexity of hybrid security – all your controls are in one place
  • Secure applications as they continue to expand – zero-day security is here
  • Remove the backlog of change requests and automate your routine changes
  • Meet compliance standards – internal and regulatory – no matter how they evolve
  • Discover critical vulnerabilities and orchestrate remediation before an exposure becomes an exploit