No two clients have the same infrastructure, technology footprint or security concerns. Every client is unique – firewall vendors are different, security projects vary, architectures are diverse, compliance requirements shift – and the MSSP must keep up with all of it. MSSPs must tailor services for each client based on their specific network. 

MSSPs handle some of the most critical information about each client’s network and deploy solutions across continents to make sure the global enterprise is secure and efficient. This is a trademark case for security orchestration.

Continuous Security for MSSPs

Threats are everywhere, client requirements evolve and network operations is a mad dash to provision (or block) access. Any solution must scale to support MSSPs with total visibility across all clients, quickly navigate environments, discover rules and policies that drift out of compliance and automate change management.

Industry-leading MSSPs choose FireMon for firewall management, because only FireMon has the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration.

The FireMon Solution

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See your clients’ networks from the standpoint of a bad actor with attack simulation that details just how an exposure can turn into an exploit.

Leverage attack analysis as to pinpoint weak spots and paths an attacker could take to wreak havoc. Find something? Automate the correct policy changes to remove the threat.   

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Audits take too long and require far too many resources. Continuous compliance means your client is ready for anything.

Stop manually stitching togegther data every time a client needs an compliance reporting. Continuous compliance gives you built-in standards like PCI DSS, SOX and NIST, plus a library of 350+ custom controls that you can tailor to your client’s needs. Real-time compliance checks ensure that your clients are always audit-ready.

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Get rid of the manual work and time-intensive processes for making changes to network access. Automate the change with total security confidence.

Orchestrate every change for every client from a single FireMon console: request, design, risk review, implementation and decommissioning. You can be sure the right change happens in minutes instead of weeks.

The FireMon Difference

  • Multitenant Access: See every device, every change federated across all clients
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Sub-second awareness for every client, ongoing and continuous
  • Full Data Retention: Client data is critical, keep it as long as it’s needed…you have infinite capacity
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Find anything across your client base, go deep with custom search
  • Automation & Orchestration: MSSPs show next level value with changes in minutes instead of weeks