FireMon Security & Compliance Solutions for Healthcare

FireMon helps healthcare organizations maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST, and other ever-changing standards. We do away with the burden of difficult and costly preparations for audits, providing industry-specific, customizable audit reports.

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How FireMon Helps the Healthcare Industry


Simplify Compliance

FireMon helps organizations prepare for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and HITRUST compliance by centralizing all firewall policies and ensuring continuous, real-time compliance as changes occur in your environment. We provide automated compliance assessment capabilities that help you validate configuration requirements and alert you when violations occur. You can produce reports detailing rule review decisions for auditors, customize reports to suit your specific requirements and maintain a repository of change documentation.

Automate Security Policy Changes

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation. IT has improved patient care and processing times, while connected devices enable health care providers to have real time access to patient medical records. As healthcare grows increasingly digital, patient records and insurance are becoming a prime target for cybercriminals. FireMon instantly pushes updated rules to the right enforcement points to fortify your network. As new network federations come in and go out, active data capture keeps an eye on all these interconnected parts, removing risk with perfect visibility.

Automate Security Policy Changes
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Extract Real-Time Device Discovery

The rapid digital transformation for healthcare organizations has left them scrambling to find and catalog IoT devices on their network. FireMon can discover these devices, including medical devices such as IV Pumps or surgical equipment, and provide all communications between these devices and other endpoints. We can hunt for anomalies using a combination of passive indexing (listening) and active indexing techniques – in context – to provide real-time updates as a network is changing. Devices are identified as they come onto the network, as well as other devices connected beyond the newly discovered ones.

Optimize Vulnerability Management

As your deploy a growing array of healthcare technologies on your network, you potentially introduce new risk. Through real-time traffic flow analysis, FireMon tracks behavior across your hybrid network to identify which rules applications are using and traffic between sources and destinations. You can also correlate your vulnerability scans with our access path analysis to trace every available access path across the network to effectively reduce your network’s attack surface with a defined plan for remediation.

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Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Security teams are challenged to know all the devices on their networks, including IoT devices required by medical staff, such as drug dispensaries or radiology machines. FireMon provides healthcare organizations with situational awareness through unmatched real-time visibility into your dynamic infrastructure. We deliver context, breach and network segmentation analytics to understand changes to your infrastructure as they occur, and identify threats hiding across the darkest reaches of your network. By combining vulnerability data with network policy, we eliminate 100% of your blind spots and monitor changes or unusual behaviors to eliminate any gaps in coverage that may leave you exposed.

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FireMon solutions blend powerful, real-time security analysis with automated workflows to deliver field-tested, cloud-secured network security policy management for your hybrid enterprise. See for yourself.

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