Shrinking the Complexity Gap with Intelligent Security Management

Man with ladder looking at gap between cliffs

Security teams are under tremendous pressure these days. Data breaches are rising across all industries, and the average total cost of a data breach is a whopping $4 million. Regulators have put compliance requirements in place to try and minimize these breaches, but that has just led to an overabundance of resources thrown at the problem, with very little to show for it at the end. All of this focus on compliance means that 9 out of 10 companies only audit their firewall rules for compliance, not security. The bottom line is that organizations are no more secure from all of these efforts, and 80% still feel vulnerable to cyber attacks.

To make matters worse, threat actors are more capable than ever and attack with greater frequency. Security technology has advanced in effort to keep up, but there is a real issue with “alert fatigue” where security professionals are constantly bombarded with information that tends to make them complacent.

I’ve talked before about the “complexity gap” when it comes to managing network security. Simply put, the complexity gap is the result of the amassing security technology and putting those investments in place to – ideally – make an enterprise more secure. The convergence of technology, business demands and compliance requirements has created an environment that is becoming exponentially more unmanageable. And the typical organization’s ability to staff will not keep pace – thus widening the gap even further.

Closing the complexity gap is not a case of adding on more technology and resources, but instead ensuring that the technology and resources you do have are optimized to their fullest potential – in other words, more effective management. In fact, a recent survey showed that 72% of security practitioners believe technology investments are a waste if not properly configured.

Moving forward, organizations need visibility into their security defences – no matter where they are located or if they exist physically or virtually. They also need to meet demands for increased productivity and business agility. Amplifying the man hours you have to work with through automated workflows is a great way to improve manageability. That’s just good management. That’s Intelligent Security Management.


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