Need a refresher on a specific Security Manager feature? Or perhaps you’re the “compliance guru” who wants to nail this year’s audit. FireMon’s Live Tutorials provide the focused training you’re looking for. Live Tutorials usually run about 30 minutes, including Q&A, and are presented by the experienced FireMon Training team. Best of all, they’re totally free! Our online sessions are delivered using Citrix GoToTraining. Watch the GoToTraining video to learn more about GoToTraining.

Completely free!

Reduce Policy Complexity with Usage Analysis

  • View rule and object usage categorically using a histogram and within a normalized policy display
  • Identify hidden, shadowed and redundant rules and recommendations for remediation
  • Use traffic flow analysis to gather the data necessary to tighten up rules

Configure the Device Map

  • Create network segments and zones
  • Create representations of device clusters on the map
  • Group device interfaces into segments
  • Export the map to be used in Visio

Automate Security Compliance

  • Differentiate between assessments and controls
  • Create and run controls and assessments
  • Assign assessments to devices
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Identifying and Remediating Overly Permissive Rules (11.14.2014)
Overly permissive rules increase the possibility of an attacker finding an unintentionally unprotected host or service, leading to deeper and more damaging intrusions. Identifying and remediating overly permissive rules can significantly increase the overall corporate security posture and provide better support for compliance initiatives. > VIEW VIDEO

Reduce Firewall Complexity with Rule Cleanup (01.29.2015)
In most organizations firewall rule bases are out of control. Individual firewalls can have several hundreds to a thousand rules each. Hidden, shadowed and overlapping rules exist in almost every firewall. Studies indicate that as many as 50% of existing rules are unused, due to operations staff errors, reactive access changes, and continuous policy revisions. See how FireMon Security Manager can help you get started and make progress. > VIEW VIDEO

Extracting Meaningful Data with Insight (03.26.2015)
FireMon Insight is a pre-configured Web-based dashboard that shows the results of several helpful queries using the FireMon Query Language (FMQL), and it allows you to add your own custom queries as well. The Insight Dashboard can display the most complex devices across your organization, most recent changes, top unused rules, rules with excessive access and much more. The results of these queries are available in graphical displays, including charts and graphs, as well as exportable text-based files. > VIEW VIDEO
Enforcing Corporate Security Compliance (04.30.2015)
FireMon’s automated compliance assessment capabilities help you validate that firewall configurations meet all requirements and alert you when a violation occurs. The FireMon platform accommodates both predefined policy analysis that leverages industry best practices and user-defined controls that meet the unique requirements of your network. Continuous, automated compliance monitoring reduces the time you spend configuring policies and ensures you’re ready to meet today’s complex compliance audit demands. > VIEW VIDEO