FireMon’s sophisticated security solutions have a tremendous range of capabilities to address a broad range of security challenges. For organizations that would like help with implementing or tailoring Security Manager to their specific environment, our Professional Services offerings reduce the time needed to go operational and enjoy maximum value.

Installation Services

When you’re ready to turn your Security Manager evaluation product into a working deployment, you want it done yesterday. We can’t turn back time, but our installation engineers can ensure your system is operational as quickly as possible by configuring your new appliance and installing Security Manager, setting up device monitoring and ensuring change collection, notifications and core functionality are working correctly. This service is offered remotely and onsite.

Report Branding

FireMon’s reporting can be branded according to your specifications. For example, we can apply your logo, add watermarks or otherwise note that report data is proprietary and confidential.

Custom Check, Control and Report Creation

Our audits, assessments and report features are easy to customize right out of the box. But if you have more specialized needs, our Professional Services team can create custom checks, controls and reports to address your specific requirements.

API Consultation

FireMon’s product suite exposes a wide variety of APIs that enable you to leverage the Security Manager functionality in your own custom applications or third-party systems. And if you choose to use internal development resources when integrating with other systems, we can provide consultation services to help programmers understand how to use our APIs.

Workflow Customization and Integration

FireMon’s change management solution, Policy Planner, is delivered as a customizable workflow platform. If you decide to customize or integrate that workflow, we can provide a spectrum of services including:

  • Discovery – Consultation services oriented toward helping you understand and define:
    • stakeholders in customization/integration projects
    • existing business and technical processes
    • target business and technical processes
  • Basic Customization – Services involving customization via configuration, such as enabling communication queues or modifying the workflow steps.
  • Advanced Customization – Custom programming services to implement more advanced workflow integrations, such as bi-directional web service communications.

System Health Checks

When you’re responsible for managing hundreds or thousands of network devices every day, “system maintenance” becomes a wearisome, neglected task. Our system health check services ensure that your Security Manager system is running optimally, according to FireMon best practices, and that it is sized appropriately for future growth. A FireMon engineer will also verify that core functionality is working correctly and will give you an overview of the features in our newest software release. This service is offered remotely. (Recommended annually or semi-annually.)


Every change introduces some element of risk, so there’s no perfect time to do a system upgrade. Our experienced engineers can upgrade your Security Manager system for you, minimizing the impact to your daily operations so that you can still deliver your reports to management on time. We will schedule the upgrade during your preferred change window, ensure that core functionality and any customizations are working correctly and provide an overview of the features in our latest release. This service is offered remotely for Enterprise customers, and remotely or on site for MSSP customers.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

As part of our broad array of strategic Professional Services, FireMon offers Technical Account Managers (TAMs) – dedicated technical account advocates serving as a trusted advisors around the implementation and ongoing use of FireMon Proactive Security Intelligence solutions. Connecting directly with leading contacts within your organization on matters ranging from deployment and integration, to customization and reporting, FireMon TAMs provide product-specific technical expertise addressing every manner of support and ensuring that your team garners maximum return on its investment in FireMon.

Overview of FireMon’s Technical Account Manager Offering: READ NOW [PDF] >