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Provides real-time visibility across your entire network to reduce your attack surface, eliminate leak paths, and ensure compliance.

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Video Transcription

Speaker 1:
Your business demands agility. And you need to ensure security and compliance. But traditional approaches to managing security policy are cumbersome and error prone. You need a new approach. One that meets five critical success factors.

Speaker 1:
See everything, integrate anywhere, protect everything, adapt to change, scale, and perform. In this demonstration, we’ll highlight the importance of the first factor. See everything.

Speaker 1:
We’ll show you how you can integrate real time and continuous visibility across your entire network in order to manage your attack surface, eliminate leak paths, and ensure compliance. It’s obvious you can’t manage what you can’t easily see in real time. Let’s examine three risks of poor visibility.

Speaker 1:
A lack of complete visibility leaves you exposed to compliance risk and breach exposure. It creates uncertainty and complicates policy changes, slowing response time. And it leaves you blinded the policies and routing paths between cloud and on-prem networks, which opens the door to mis-configurations and leak paths.

Speaker 1:
FireMon helps you close the visibility gap. Let’s see how. FireMon delivers real-time network visibility capabilities, such as recursive network indexing, which enables you to discover connected devices without the need for credentials, agents, or network downtime. A unified user interface offers a single infrastructure agnostic platform to design, implement, and validate security policies across on-premise cloud and hybrid environments.

Speaker 1:
Complete visibility is more than network topology and device maps. FireMon delivers all the policy metrics and KPIs through customizable dashboards and risk scoring. You can manage policy centrally, eliminate blind spots, and respond faster and more efficiently. And you don’t need to license multiple products to gain visibility across environments. Only FireMon enables three critical capabilities: manage network security through a single interface across your entire network-on premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments; visualize and normalize policy across traditional and cloud based firewalls, cloud security groups, SD wan, and more; you can also discover all your connected devices from the core all the way to the edge.

Speaker 1:
Get agile. Get FireMon.

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