Security Manager Changes and Firewall Log Collection – Immediate Insight

The purpose of this document is to walk the user through the integration for collecting Security Manager firewall change events and logs into Immediate Insight (also note: Security Manager activity, such as configuration collection via SSH, will also be collected). Now all of the log feeds that you send to Security Manager can be easily directed from Security Manager to Immediate Insight – saving you from having to setup additional or duplicate feeds.



Additional Hardware Considerations

The firewall log collection adds considerable overhead to data collection on Immediate Insight. It is recommended that you add 1GB of RAM and 500MB of storage to your existing memory and storage configuration on Immediate Insight to compensate for the additional overhead. For 2,000 EPS or higher Security Manager firewall log collection, it is recommended that you add an additional vCPU to your existing vCPU configuration on Immediate Insight.

A Note About Future Security Manager Software Updates or Upgrades

The following files on Security Manager are modified as part of this change and do not persist across upgrades of Security Manager:



Please be aware that if you update or upgrade Security Manager (i.e. from 8.6.0 to 8.6.2) you will need to re-apply the changes to those files in this document.

Part A – Backup Configuration / Data

It is important to backup your configuration and data ahead of making changes to your system(s). If you are running your Security Manager and/or Immediate Insight systems in VMware – we recommend taking a snapshot prior to making changes. In addition:

  • Update your Immediate Insight to the latest version and create a backup:
  • [Create snapshot in VMware – if applicable]
  • Login to Immediate Insight CLI and type the following (this updates Immediate Insight and creates a configuration backup):
  • update
  • Create a backup of your Security Manager configuration and database:
  • [Create snapshot in VMware – if applicable]
  • Login to Security Manager CLI and type the following;
  • fmos-backup

Part B – Integration Pre-Requisites

Note: this integration requires Immediate Insight version app-2016-04-07 (or newer) – from the “2016” build, which can be obtained by typing ‘update’ from the Immediate Insight CLI. Security Manager 8.5 or newer is required.

Immediate Insight and Security Manager must be configured with correct certificates so that they can securely exchange data. Here are the required steps;

  • Login to Immediate Insight CLI and type the following;
  • create-fmos-certs
  • from Immediate Insight, open an sftp connection to Security Manager, the copy these files over to the home directory of the account that you’re using to connect to Security Manager.
  • Login to Security Manager CLI and type the following;
  • mkdir cert_backup
  • sudo cp /etc/pki/tls/certs/localhost.crt cert_backup/
  • sudo cp /etc/pki/tls/private/localhost.key cert_backup/
  • [make sure you’re in the directory where you copied the three certs from Immediate Insight]
  • sudo cp localhost.crt /etc/pki/tls/certs/
  • sudo cp localhost.key /etc/pki/tls/private/
  • sudo cp rootCA.pem /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/
  • sudo update-ca-trust
  • sudo vi /etc/firemon/dc.conf
  • copy the following to the end of the dc.conf file, making sure to edit the items between < > to reflect your environment:
    –DataCollector.EnableLogAnalyzer true
    –DataCollector.LogAnalyzer.AppServer.IP :61614
    –DataCollector.LogAnalyzer.UseTLSConnections false
    [if you want to use TLS – change 61614 to 61615 and change false to true]
  • Save the changes to dc.conf
  • sudo vi /etc/firemon/LogAnalyzerRegexInfo.xml
  • [right before (end of file) copy the following:]<!– Immediate Insight –>


  • Save the changes to LogAnalyzerRegexInfo.xml
  • [reboot Security Manager]
  • sudo reboot

Part C – Live Collection of Security Manager Logs and Events into Immediate Insight

To collect logs and change events from Security Manager, you will need to install an additional component in Immediate Insight for logs and configure a Security Manager Collector in Immediate Insight for both the logs and events.

To enable the collection of firewall logs being sent to Security Manager – login to the Immediate Insight CLI.

  • add-tool logCollection

To setup a data collector for the change events and logs you will need valid admin level credentials and connectivity to Security Manager. Login to Immediate Insight GUI, go to DataFlow -> Collectors and click the + button of the Collectors from, then select ‘Security Manager Collector’

  • Specify the IP Address of Security Manager
  • Provide an admin-level username and password for the Security Manager web interface GUI (not CLI)
  • Set the Data TTL for how long you want to keep the data (e.g. 30d)
  • Optionally you can assign the data to something other than the default ‘main-stream’ repository, to make it easier to separately search Security Manager data apart for other data coming into the system.
  • In this case you must first create the repository at the CLI, e.g. ‘new-repo sm’ , will then provide sm-stream as an available selection in the GUI
  • Give the collector a suitable name
  • The other values can normally be left default.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button when ready


Part D – Confirm Security Manager Firewall Logs and Change Events are coming into the system

Go to the DataFlow -> Collectors screen

Scroll down to your new Security Manager Collector, and check that the Status says ‘running’ (it can take a minute or so to initially change from ‘Connecting’ to ‘Running’) – if it does not say ‘Running’ confirm your credentials, certificates, and network connectivity before proceeding.

If Status is ‘running’ you will see Security Manager Change Events show up as indicated by the ‘Records’ counter.


Note: depending on how Security Manager Configuration Change Monitoring is setup, it may take anywhere from minutes to hours to see data, below is an example of configuring hourly change monitoring in Security Manager for a particular device managed by Security Manger (please see Security Manager documentation for full details on how to enable and configure the ‘Change Monitoring’ feature)


Part E – Search some sample Security Manager Change Events in Immediate Insight

Go back to the Immediate Insight Search tab, then do one of the following to search for Security Manager Change event records.

  • Specify the separate repository if you configured one in Part B (e.g. sm-stream)
  • if not, type “id action” in the search string
  • Then click Search
  • The event Search Results will look similar to below, you can then go to ‘Full Text’ , ‘Metadata’ , ‘Microscope’ , ‘Associations’ , ‘Event Clusters’ etc (just as you would for other data collected by Immediate Insight) – same sample screen shots below:





Searches can also be combined with other non-Security Manager data sources allowing for context and correlation of information from across your security related ecosystem. (For further details on Searching with Immediate insight please consult the User Guide)