Security Manager 8.0 Architecture – Unmatched Enterprise Scalability

When FireMon made the strategic decision to rebuild its industry-leading platform architecture, the goal was not simply to keep pace with others in the market today, but to further establish Security Manager as the only solution of choice for enterprise class organizations.

In achieving this goal, Security Manager 8.0 offers a new horizontal architecture that delivers previously unavailable performance and scalability. This further extends FireMon’s ability to provide deep, centralized visibility into changing network access vectors, allowing for highly actionable, dashboard-level views that empower network operations and security management teams to monitor network security infrastructure continuously.

Why is the underlying architecture so critical to the success of a solution like Security Manager? The value is found in its overall ability to scale to monitor configuration changes across hundreds, and many times thousands, of devices across an enterprise environment. This is all accomplished while rendering data quickly for the user to make important decisions.

Security Manager has always represented the state-of-the-art in scalability; however, driven by this new horizontally distributed data architecture, we’ve significantly advanced FireMon’s end-to-end performance.

For instance, Security Manager now distributes functions across multiple application servers to perform simultaneous analysis and normalization across platforms from multiple vendors, all while splitting out reporting functions on a dedicated appliance. In fact, all functions can now be run on a single appliance, or across multiple appliances, an extremely valuable capability that no other provider can match.

Several client environmental factors can also be used to effectively determine overall solutions scalability including key elements like events per second (EPS), frequency of change of monitored devices, and size of the configurations of monitored devices. Based on these elements, FireMon’s solution has always been ready to extend its scalability to handle numerous variables within customer environments, and Security Manager 8.0 further reinforces this strength.

Another key factor in building a world-class scalable solution is the ability to scale the database component of the given environment. With the release of Security Manager 8.0, FireMon will provide an option for customers to acquire an off-box database appliance for the first time.

Leveraging an off-box database in Security Manager 8.0 also allows for clustered application servers. Application server clustering allows for the use of multiple host resources to increase system performance, front-ending them with a load balancer to allow for multiple servers in the pool and pushing responses back to the client. The capability for clustered database servers is another feature on the short-term development horizon at FireMon.

FireMon has also spent a great deal of time developing a network-aware indexing architecture for handling security-related events, creating an entirely new engine that can be leveraged to search your policies in a previously unavailable manner. This engine is the power behind another one of Security Manager’s groundbreaking new features, the Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL), which enables even faster, more actionable analysis than ever offered before.

FireMon will also be announcing its most powerful hardware appliance server yet made available, delivering the state-of-the-art for hard drive, memory and processing power capabilities. And lastly, the FireMon Operating System (FMOS) gets a lift via migration to the CentOS7 derivative of Red Hat, improving the robustness, reliability, scalability and security of our flagship solution.

In summary, our new horizontal architecture takes everything that FireMon has always offered as a market-leading capability around scalability and performance – enabling truly real-time, continuous assessment and monitoring – and increases that strength exponentially.

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