Security Automation and Orchestration Take Center Stage at Cisco Live

Were you at Cisco Live last week? If so, you no doubt had many conversations about security automation and orchestration. It’s top of mind for most everyone from CISOs down to network admins. How do you improve team productivity and efficiency without doubling staff resources, which are difficult to come by anyway?

At the FireMon booth, we too told an automation story – policy automation. Our approach to policy automation is rooted in security. What good is an automated process if you can’t rely on it to make good, smart decisions on your behalf?

We call the approach Intelligent Policy Automation, or IPA for short.

Intelligent Policy Automation is, as far as we know, the only change automation solution on the market that ensures the changes you’re making to the network are accurate and secure before you hit “push.” We have risk, complexity and compliance analysis built into our pre-change modeling, so you know exactly what impact a change will have on the network.

If you’re running Cisco devices in your security infrastructure, IPA fits right in. During the implementation stage of the change process, FireMon will automatically generate the CLI syntax for the rule change. From there, it is a simple copy/paste into the Cisco management system.

Automation is just one way we’re helping Cisco users achieve security agility and reduce their risk exposure. Here are a few other capabilities we demoed this week:

For the full story on FireMon + Cisco, download the solution brief here >>