Searching Data from 30,000 Devices in Seconds – It’s Easier Than You Think with SIQL

Speed of information

The number of devices in most security networks isn’t decreasing. In fact, many large enterprise networks add dozens of new devices every year. Each device contains an immense amount of data that can be vital to the security of the organization. But collecting data is only useful if you can easily access, process, analyze and share it with others.

Security teams want deeper and faster insights into their data. They want to quickly search across the enterprise and find out things like who is talking to who, which rules are using which objects, which rules are allowing access to a particular IP address. These are just some of the use cases fulfilled by FireMon’s proprietary Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL).

SIQL was built with an understanding that having all the data is only useful if you can get to it and provide business meaning to it. Incorporating Elasticsearch, SIQL is the most comprehensive, in-depth customer policy rule assessment and analysis engine available in the industry, allowing customers to graphically filter their global rule base using any combination of 200+ filter criteria and having the capability to search over 30,000 devices in sub seconds.

Once the customer has a filtered list, they can share a link to the filtered list, export the filtered list as a CSV file or a PDF report or drill down into the result set with deeply linked objects. At any point, they are able to export the data after filtering or drilling down into the result set. This exportability is very important in the business world where spreadsheets and PDFs are the universal “tools” used by the business.

Graphical filtering allows customers to easily create custom queries on security and NAT rules and network, service, user and application objects without having to know the SIQL syntax. They can easily create and save their filters as a “favorite” in their user profile so that they can quickly run it again at a later time and don’t have to rebuild the query all over again. They can also edit a saved filter so they can change the criteria or properties without needing to create a brand new filter each time as well as share security rule filters that they have created with a user group to make use of the data they’ve found.

Graphical Queries in Practice

A Network Architect wanted to know which of his 15,000 multi-vendor firewall devices had more than five rules that fail his “Find Rules with Any” audit check. He was a new FireMon customer, but with the SIQL graphical interface, he was able to quickly create this query without having to know the query language, then add it as a “favorite” so that he could always refer back to it in the future and share with an auditor.

Being able to create, save, and share truly custom queries allows security operations teams to analyze security data from the largest enterprises in mere seconds. Don’t settle for canned queries that give you only part of the data needed for true insight into your network. FireMon’s customers are able to develop in-depth analysis of their data through the use of the powerful SIQL.

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