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Speaker 1:
FireMon has identified five critical success factors that must be met in order to ensure business agility without sacrificing security. In this demonstration, we’ll focus on the ability to scale and perform. Typical enterprises are struggling to scale with too many policies across disparate network devices. This complexity is particularly difficult in large heterogeneous environments. Associated with these devices are thousands or even millions of rules that change as outside factors emerge from new business models or security threats.

Speaker 1:
Let’s explore three risks of an inability to scale. Assessing the security posture is inconsistent, slow, and often inaccurate. Policy bloat is the norm because no one has time to check whether a policy is still needed or if it’s redundant. And without actionable insights and context into security policies, it’s impossible to make consistent security decisions quickly. With FireMon, scalability is built from the ground up. Security teams can gather information from anywhere, from individual firewalls to the data center. A distributed architecture, proprietary query tools and elastic indexing allow FireMon to scan 24 million IPs per hour.

Speaker 1:
And FireMon has certified up to 15,000 devices and 25 million rules. FireMon’s distributed architecture uses clustered application servers that are connected to data collectors to monitor an unlimited number of devices. This also enables the ability to localize collection near the monitored devices, reducing impact on weigh-in bandwidth. The platform can reliably monitor, collect and analyze data in real time from any large enterprise infrastructure without noticeable degradation in performance. FireMon’s proprietary security intelligence query language provides a robust solution for accessing and analyzing your data, enabling customizable and granular searches. Only FireMon’s exclusive query tool can scan tens of millions of IPs non-disruptively in an hour. Unlike other solutions that require days or weeks.

Speaker 1:
FireMon is the only network security policy solution with the power of elastic search. This allows massive data ingestion and indexing petabytes of device and policy data. Elastic search and FireMon’s unique architecture put an end to polling and other ancient methods of data retrieval. And give you a live stream for instant security. FireMon delivers performance and scalability right when you need it. Lightning fast search results so your security posture is always known. Retrieving data from everywhere, for every rule, every object and every device. So you can quickly identify redundant and bloated rules. FireMon retains all the context without having to purge data to improve performance. Get agile, get FireMon.

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