Scalable Network Technologies

Jody Brazil

FireMon Security Manager and its supporting modules are the only solutions that scale to provide continuous assessment of today’s sprawling, complex network security infrastructure. Built around a patented analysis engine and distributed architecture allowing for rapid aggregation and assessment of firewall infrastructure, enterprise-wide, FireMon generates the most relevant, actionable data to inform strategic decisions.

Unlike solutions that rely on historic data and provide an outdated view of devices, policies and underlying IT risks, Security Manager’s unique Data Collector design enables information gathering anywhere on the network, from individual firewalls to the datacenter.

By deploying multiple Data Collectors to scale horizontally, Security Manager offers real-time policy change monitoring, configuration retrieval, and log data collection. With complex and intensive analysis distributed into these dynamic Data Collectors, time-consuming processing is offloaded from the FireMon Application Server to free up additional resources.

Leveraging this capability to empower real-time, event-driven notification of change, every device can be monitored using either vendor-supplied API’s or SYSLOG, preventing the need for manual device polling and configuration retrieval. Using distributed data collection also frees up the Application Server to perform event-based, scheduled, or on-demand reporting – creating a single pane of glass for centralized management.

With a high-performance database and advanced data structures, the Application Server is capable of analyzing very large data sets and device configurations, continuously. Using an efficient aggregation strategy – with full data retention – Security Manager maintains years of usage data, with the ability to generate reports for 30 days of data, or 3 years of data, in nearly the same amount of time.

From an open API and pre-built integration capabilities to map firewall infrastructure quickly, to flexible role-based permissions to focus user interaction precisely, FireMon Security Manager is built for speed in every way.