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State of Hybrid Cloud Security: 2020


Automation and integration thwarts misconfiguration, staff burnout

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“From Security Bottleneck to Business Enabler”

Speaker: Lucas Gallagher, Security Engineer from Foot Locker Location: North Hall Briefing Center
Date/Time: Thursday, February 28, 11:10 AM




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Benefits of Automation
Automation Network Security

Meet The FireMon Team!

Satin H. Mirchandani

Chief Executive Officer

Satin H. Mirchandani brings nearly three decades of leadership experience to FireMon. With a passion for growing software companies that are mission-critical to their enterprise customers, his track record as founder and technology executive includes leading MessageOne and MD Buyline to successful exits, serving as VP of Global Services at Dell, and driving the IPO process for

Donald Klumb

Chief Financial Officer

Donald Klumb is a veteran CFO drawing on 30 years of experience in financial consulting and corporate leadership. Tasked with guiding FireMon as it expands into new markets, Don has successfully led companies to IPO and through mergers and acquisitions. As a partner at Big 4 firm Deloitte, he worked closely with rapidly growing technology companies that gave him unique perspectives on the needs at each stage of growth.

Shawn Larson

Field Engineer

Shawn has worked over 1,000 hockey games professionally, including for the NHL.

    Austin Roberson

    Territory Sales Manager

    Austin does Cross Fit, but he probably won't tell you about it.

      Scott Wilson

      Director, Global Renewals

      Scott kept his tonsils in a jar in the fridge for six years before his mother-in-law threw them out.

        Shari McKenzie

        Business Development Representative

        Shari loves to jam skate which means she among the most coordinated people attending RSAC.

          Ryan Zea

          Business Development Representative

          Ryan co-founded a gourmet popcorn store.

            Nick Jewett

            Territory Sales Manager

            Nick played professional baseball in Arizona before finding his calling at FireMon

              Rob Rodriguez

              Director, Field Engineering

              Rob is Rick's older brother. He says mom loves him best.

                Rick Rodriguez

                Field Engineer

                Rick is Rob's younger brother. He says mom loves him best.

                  Mike Hess

                  Field Engineer

                  Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.

                    Chris Brown

                    Territory Sales Manager

                    Chris has a rare medical condition where his veins are filled with coffee instead of blood.

                      Lisa Wallace

                      Field Engineer

                      For fun, Lisa cuts fabric into tiny pieces and then sews it back together. She calls it "quilting."

                        John Han

                        Field Engineer

                        John once ate 55 Chicken McNuggets in a single sitting. His blood pressure has never been the same.

                          Zoey Copeland

                          Marketing Programs Specialist

                          Zoey plays roller derby and skates under the name Slamsa Stark, Queen in the North. You may address her as such