Risk Analysis for IT Infrastructure Security with Risk Analyzer

As those of you who have followed this blog over the past couple of months know, we have been slowly revealing bits and pieces about our new Risk Analyzer product here at Firemon. Over the next week and  in the coming months, you will see and hear a huge push around Risk from all areas of Firemon. The official release of Risk Analyzer is imminent, as our CEO noted in his twitter feed this morning. We have also highlighted our partnership with Juniper Networks around Risk Analyzer and JunOS Space. You can get even more insight into what we are doing together on Juniper’s YouTube channel.

Why are we suddenly so focused on Risk, and why is it something you should care about? At the end of the day, all of the security controls organizations have put in place, the firewalls, IDS/IPS’s, proxys, ACL’s, desktop firewalls, etc., are there to help reduce and eliminate the risk to your IT infrastructure. Risk is what we are trying to control and limit. However, as we have previously highlighted, analyzing risk in today’s networks is a huge challenge. We tend to rely on a single tool to determine risk, and in the complex network environments we live in today, these tools can present 1000’s of items that an organization needs to address. Attempting to manually review that list and prioritize the remediation results in organizations spending to little or too much time attempting to reduce their risk. Furthermore,  those tools lack the full contextual awareness of your entire network topology and how data flows through the environment, which is a real key to accurately identifying the areas of your infrastructure that are most at risk.

Risk Analyzer provides that full context of network topology awareness that is so critical to accurate risk analysis. It automatically shows you what actions to take to reduce the greatest amount of risk with the least amount of effort, ensuring your valuable resources are spending the exact amount of time needed to effectively reduce risk to your infrastructure. It’s patented analysis engine that has been proven for the past 4 years in the largest DOD and Intelligence networks produces results in seconds as opposed to hours or even days that other solutions require.  It graphically shows you where you are at risk from any part of your infrastructure. Risk Analyzer will help you automate the reduction of risk to your IT infrastructure.

This is why we are excited about Risk Analyzer and so focused on Risk. Risk, after all, is the key.