Response to Meltdown & Spectre

Earlier this month there was widespread news of a fundamental design flaw in today’s modern processors. The announcement specifically covered two separate attacks, Meltdown and Spectre. These hardware vulnerabilities can allow programs/attackers to steal data which is currently being processed on the computer. In order to exploit these vulnerabilities, the attacker must run third party code or software on the hardware they are trying to exploit.

FireMon is committed to the security of our products and our customers. As such, we have assessed the impact of these vulnerabilities against our solution suite. There are several scenarios with different levels of impact. We list those impacts out below.

CUSTOMERS RUNNING 8.15.0+ ON PHYSICAL HARDWAREWe are happy to announce that our customers running on version 8.15.0 and above on physical hardware are not affected by these vulnerabilities. FireMon does not run any arbitrary code on our hardware-based installs. Only FireMon distributed software is approved to run on hardware-based installs.

Recommendation: No action needed at this time. As Red Hat patches and or BIOS patches are made available we will package them and communicate that to you. But, at this time no action is necessary since the vulnerabilities cannot be exploited.

CUSTOMERS RUNNING ON 8.15.0+ ON VIRTUAL HARDWAREThe FireMon software is not exploitable, but the physical hardware the VM is running on likely is. There is nothing FireMon can do to fix the underlying hardware on the VM. The customer will have to manually patch the hardware of the host VM.

CUSTOMERS RUNNING ON VERSIONS PRIOR TO 8.15.0 ON ANY HARDWAREFireMon recommends that any customers on versions prior to 8.15.0 upgrade immediately. Versions prior to 8.15 are susceptible to the vulnerabilities because those versions allow arbitrary code to be executed. Once the upgrade has been completed customers may still have to patch the hardware if they are running FireMon on a virtual instance.

FireMon recommends that any version 7 customers contact support to discuss an upgrade plan.

FireMon will continually update our software and our appliances as Red Hat and Dell/Intel make patches available. We are working very closely with our partners and fully expect multiple patches from them throughout the year. The following advisory from Intel is an example of the back and forth testing that we and our partners are jointly working together on.