Think GDPR Doesn't Impact You? Think Again...

Oct 31, 2017 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

What is 'GDPR' and Why You Need to Know?

Companies across the globe are scrambling to meet the new compliance directives that are imposed by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to go into effect in 2018. If you’re thinking, “I’m not in the EU, so it doesn’t matter”, think again. For many organizations, GDPR compliance extends outside the boundaries of the EU and the law’s impact will reach across continents, to include companies in the US.

There are a number of questions that people have around whether or not they need to comply with the new GDPR regulations, and if so, what, exactly, needs to be done? For companies that monitor, store, service, or process personally identifiable information an EU citizen or for those that process data while offering goods or services to data subjects who are in the EU, GDPR compliance is mandatory. For others, it’s critical to understand the law’s potential impact.

In a world of BYOD, cloud, mobility, and IoT, where personal data is more freely transferred and more highly valued than ever, new data protection mechanisms are a must. Whether or not you’re facing a GDPR compliance requirement, protecting critical data requires a combination of encryption and segmentation as well as the ability to identify, monitor and audit access to the data.

In this ActualTech Media webinar, sponsored by FireMon, we will help lay the groundwork for a plan to comply by the 2018 deadline and, even if you aren’t subject to GDPR, we’ll share useful steps you can take to increase your information security posture. 

We’ll also cover the vital role security management plays in protecting data from the start, including these specific capabilities you need to comply with Articles 25, 32, 35 and 58:

  • Analysis of traffic to and from network segments
  • Assessments to help remove unnecessary or inadvertent access
  • Real-time, automated change alerts and workflows
  • Automated documentation
  • Threat detection and investigation

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