How to Stop Writing Firewall Rules and Start Controlling Network Security Based on Your Actual Intent

Apr 12, 2018 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

As networks grow, new technologies are implemented and turnover in staff occurs, we quickly end up with a massive firewall policy that no one understands. We know it’s outdated, probably insecure and we’re afraid to change it.

Join FireMon and Ultimate Windows Security for this real training for free webinar, where we will examine intent-based security and how to apply it to firewall policy and management.

  • Automatically compute correct policy based on security intent
  • Translate enterprise security intent to network policies and automatically enforce them
  • Automate remediation when security or compliance drifts
  • Actively monitor network security and detect state changes
  • Orchestrate change, prevent lateral movement and shut down east-west traffic

Then see how FireMon, has pioneered this process for getting from a mass of unintelligible firewall rules to an intent-based policy as well as a lifecycle for managing it going forward. More importantly we have the technology to automate both activities which we will briefly show you in this real training for free event.

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