The Life of a Firewall: Seamless, Automated Rule Lifecycle Management

Apr 27, 2017 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT

So you’ve purchased a new firewall. Now what?

You’ve got to decide which access is allowed, which isn’t allowed and whether or not rules are compliant with internal and regulatory standards.

Things are running along smoothly and then the dreaded “change.” A user submits a new access request and the fun begins. Is this access necessary? Safe? Compliant? And what happens when it’s time to retire unused rules?

The New Automation Story is "Lifecycle Management"

Join to see how FireMon's Intelligent PolicyAutomation leverages automation and intelligence to reduce effort and improve accuracy atevery stage of the change management process.

  • Capture request details
  • Identify if/what rule should be designed
  • Analyze for impact to compliance, risk
  • Skip-review for low-Impact changes
  • Automatically verify planned change was made
  • Post-implementation review/monitoring

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