FireMon Presents the New Standard for Change Management: Intelligent Policy Automation

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Firewall administration continues to be a manual process for many organizations. And manual usually means slow, and tedious, and error-prone. This results in missed SLAs and increased operational expenses, because, of course, just “ANY” rule won’t do.

By applying intelligence to the planning process, FireMon helps you identify the necessary changes and analyze the impact prior to committing to the change.

In this webinar, Matt Dean, Vice President of Product, will introduce FireMon Intelligent Policy Automation – a standard-setting, full lifecycle management platform that combines automation with contextual analysis to ensure you’re not just speeding up the changes, but optimizing them for both business and security.

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Tagging, It’s Not Just for Twitter Anymore

Thursday, July 14, 2016


In the social media world, a hashtag enables people to see contributed data insights on a common topic. In this webinar, we’ll show you how Immediate Insight enables a similar paradigm for your security teams and data.

Founder and VP of Immediate Insight Jeff Barker will cover how operators and analysts can add their assessment and commentary directly to the data with the ultimate goal of accelerating incident response and threat detection.

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Configuring Your Firewalls for HIPAA Compliance

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Are your firewalls HIPAA compliant? In conjunction with Phase II of HIPAA audits, the FireMon team would like to show you how to ensure your firewalls are configured to protect the sensitive information your organization stores electronically. In this 20-minute webinar, a FireMon sales engineer will cover:

  • What’s included in 2nd Round HIPAA audits
  • How to protect electronically stored PHI
  • The impact to your firewalls
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Preparing Your Firewalls for PCI DSS 3.2

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The PCI DSS 3.2 requirements were introduced earlier this year. Have you started thinking about how you’re going to prepare? The FireMon team would like to help. In this 30-minute webinar we cover:

  • The firewall-related changes in PCI DSS 3.2
  • Steps to prepare for a PCI DSS 3.2 audit
  • How to use FireMon’s compliance capabilities
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Closing the SIEM Gap with Security Analytics

Thursday, June 2, 2016


If your security team is like most, you’re inundated with security events from your SIEM. And if you’ve ever tried to use it in an incident response or threat hunting scenario, you’ve likely found that it was too slow and too difficult to use to get the job done efficiently.

During this webinar, we’ll review how security analytics platform Immediate Insight makes it easier to work with your IT data (in addition to what your SIEM generates) in order to accelerate incident response and hunting/discovery efforts.

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How to Overcome Common, Time-Sucking Management Challenges

Thursday, May 26, 2016


There’s no shortage of security management tasks that take your time and focus away from higher priority, business-impacting initiatives. During this webinar, we will cover some of these common, time-sucking challenges and how to overcome them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how, with the right management tools, you can save time when it comes to:

  1. Cleaning Up Massive Policies
  2. Triaging Configuration Errors
  3. Preparing for Compliance Audits
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FireMon Return on Security with IANS

Thursday, May 5, 2016

firemon_sm IANS-logo

The value of security management is undeniable. But of course we would say that. So, we wanted you to hear it from someone with a little less skin in the game.

We commissioned IANS Research to help us determine the real-world, quantitative returns customers were seeing after implementing our security management technology.

Join FireMon CISO Mark Carney and IANS Research Faculty Mike Saurbaugh as they dive into the numbers and share insight on:

  • Security spending trends
  • Keys to cost/value analysis for security technology
  • Realized ROI for Security Manager
  • Justification for your security spend
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2016 State of the Firewall

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


FireMon is proud to present its 2nd Annual State of the Firewall Report based on a November 2015 survey of 700 IT security practitioners, representing a range of professional roles, organization sizes and industry verticals. Survey participants were asked 21 questions about their current firewall infrastructure and management challenges as well as questions about adoption and impact of emerging technologies such as NGFW, SDN and cloud.

When compared with results from the 2015 study, the responses revealed three trends that we will explore during this webinar:

  1. Firewalls remain an extremely valuable part of the network security infrastructure.
  2. Next-generation firewalls continue to see broad adoptions, adding complexity to security management.
  3. Awareness around SDN and its impact on network security has increased.
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Rule Recertification without Spreadsheets

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Firewall policy management becomes increasingly complex as new rules are added to support access requests and changing business demands. The problem is these rules are rarely reviewed or removed. When they are reviewed, IT teams are left stringing together email chains, spreadsheets and proprietary knowledge to determine why the rule exists and if it should be renewed.

FireMon Policy Optimizer automates this entire process, creating a single workflow for firewall rule review, recertification and removal. This means IT teams can quickly validate current access configurations with stakeholders, meet mandatory compliance requirements and identify and eliminate risky rules.

During this discussion of Policy Optimizer’s automated rule review capabilities, we will cover:

  • Multi-stakeholder rule review workflow
  • Automated policy and rule recertification
  • Secure removal of unsafe or out-of-date rules
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21st Century Trends in Data-Driven Security

Thursday, January 14, 2016

IT environments, and the threats against them, have continued to grow more complex in recent years. Systems are available to prevent disruption and malicious activity but, they produce more information than humanly is possible to process.

Security analytics solutions streamline human analysis, providing more insight into SIEM alerts and other IT network data to accelerate incident response and operate more efficiently.

In this live webinar, FireMon’s Immediate Insight team will join guest speaker John Kindervag, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester to review recent research around security analytics solutions as well as what opportunities a data-driven security program provides the enterprise.

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Firewall Sprawl: How Complexity Is Adding Cost & Increasing Risk with the Aberdeen Group

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
firemon_sm aberdeen-logo

Network firewalls have long been established as the ubiquitous first line of defense for every organization’s network security strategy. But security teams and business leaders should not be complacent about their current network firewall infrastructure, which for many organizations has grown surprisingly complex.
The complexity of the status quo is adding significant cost and increasing security-related risks, which calls for a more strategic look at solutions designed to overcome the complexity of firewall sprawl by leveraging visibility, intelligence and automation.

Join representatives from research firm the Aberdeen Group as they share their insights on the rise of firewall sprawl and learn how the FireMon platform answers the call for more strategic firewall management.

About Aberdeen Group
Since 1998, Aberdeen Group has published research that helps businesses worldwide improve their performance. Our analysts derive fact-based, vendor-neutral insights from a proprietary analytical framework, which identifies Best-in-Class organizations from primary research conducted with industry practitioners. The resulting research content is used by hundreds of thousands of business professionals to drive smarter decision-making and improve business strategies.

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Firewall Feud – Answers to Your Top Firewall Management Challenges

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We’ve been surveying security pros across the country about their biggest firewall management challenges. Join us for a webinar to find out the top answers – Family Feud Style!

Our experts will cover common issues you and your peers might be facing and then share best practices for tackling them head on. You’ll also see how FireMon works within your existing infrastructure to streamline the management process.

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Extending the Life of Your SIEM Solution with Advanced IT Analytics

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
firemon_sm II-logo

Billions have been invested in SIEM to automate data analysis. Yet SIEM Solutions continue to struggle with the variety and complexity of data coming through. At some point, a human must interpret the data in order to make informed decisions. As we know, the number of human resources required to process that amount of data is hard, if not impossible, to come by.

If that leaves you wanting to give up on SIEM, don’t. Your existing solution can be made better without starting from scratch. FireMon’s newest offering, Immediate Insight, represents a new frontier of data analysis designed specifically for the “human layer” of security. It streamlines data search and correlation and multiplies the number of events your team can handle in a day.

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Monitoring & Controlling Access to Prevent 3rd Party Data Exfiltration

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
The recent data breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) demonstrated how dangerous improper third-party access can be to an organization. Even with all of the right security tools in place, you are only as secure as the third parties that have access to your network. So where do you set the threshold for access? How do you know what access is normal and what is not? And how can you catch improper access before it impacts your business?

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Migrating and Cleaning Up Your Firewalls with Milestone & FireMon

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
firemon_sm MS-logo
Migrating to next-generation firewalls or from one manufacturer to another is often a long, arduous project. Organizations can eliminate the potential for increased IT risk exposure during migration with FireMon. And FireMon can automate the cleanup of complex rule-bases and continuously monitors for change and compliance across all devices.

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Automating Rule Recertification with Policy Optimizer

Thursday, June 18; 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT
firemon_sm PO-logo
Firewall policy management becomes increasingly complex as new rules are added to support access requests and changing business demands. The problem is these rules are rarely reviewed or removed, increasing exposure to risk. When they are reviewed, IT teams are left stringing together email chains, spreadsheets and proprietary knowledge to determine why the rule exists and if it should be renewed. FireMon Policy Optimizer automates this entire process, creating a single workflow for firewall rule review, recertification and removal, so IT teams can quickly validate current access configurations with stakeholders and identify and eliminate risky rules.

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Introducing Immediate Insight

Thursday, May 21, 2015
firemon_sm II-logo
Learn about the newest addition to the FireMon portfolio – Immediate Insight. This introductory webinar will demonstrate how the software’s search engine-like speed and simplicity allows users to get better answers out of their security event data, improving security and streamlining operations.

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Advancing Automated Firewall Analysis with Security Manager 8.0

Thursday, May 7, 2015
See what’s new in the latest release of FireMon Security Manager and how it’s helping security practitioners address the change and complexity associated with firewall monitoring and management today.

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Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to De-clutter your Firewalls

Thursday, Apr 9, 2015
Many practitioners say that complexity outweighs all other firewall management issues,
by a long shot. Join us to learn how firewall cleanup can help!

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Webinar: State of the Firewall Survey Results March 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Learn firsthand what network security professional are saying about how firewalls fit into the overall security architecture, the challenges of migrating and managing next-generation firewalls and how security is affecting your DevOps strategies.

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Security Intelligence Speeds Total Conversions to Next Generation Firewalls

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
As professionals turn to next generation firewalls to alleviate gaps in their security environment, FireMon is positioned to lift the burden of change and help streamline migrations to Palo Alto next-generation firewalls.

Using FireMon can drastically improve the ROI of a new firewall deployment and allow you to financially justify making the change. We’ll review our four step process utilized by experts in the industry and provide case studies of prior projects.

Join us for an informative webcast, with industry experts from Palo Alto and FireMon to learn how “Security Intelligence Speeds Total Conversions to Next Generation Firewalls.”

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Automating PCI 1.1.7 with FireMon Policy Optimizer

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
If PCI DSS compliance is needed for your business, FireMon has a new offering – Policy Optimizer – that can dramatically reduce the cost of PCI compliance

Requirement 1.1.7 covers firewall and router configurations and requires recertification of firewall rules and ACL lists every six months. To comply, some organizations have dedicated resources running manual processes, while most can only make a best effort – typically with only spreadsheets – using existing staff when possible.

Our new FireMon Policy Optimizer solution enables previously unavailable automation and workflow for PCI rules recertification – directly connecting all the involved teams, from operations to line-of-business decision makers and audit teams – to dramatically speed up and improve this needed process.

Join us for a fact-filled webcast, “Automating PCI 1.1.7 with FireMon Policy Optimizer”, to learn how Policy Optimizer dramatically reduces the costs and time required for PCI DSS compliance.

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