With large enterprises networks running upwards of 1,000 devices with 1,500 rules each, there is an influx of security and performance data to sort through. That data has a story to tell, but many organizations do not have the tools in place to know what it is. FireMon’s suite of products simplifies that noise into visual, easy-to-navigate dashboards and feeds, so you can begin to understand what your network is telling you.

Black Hat Sponsored Workshop

Exploiting IT Analytics to Create a ‘Human Layer’ Security Initiative
Wednesday, August 5
10:20, 11:30, 1:50, 3:00

Over the past 15-20 years the industry has invested billions in pursuit of automated security layers, but attempts at automating the human interaction part of the process have fallen short. Instead of providing definitive answers to offload our already overburdened teams, system-generated false positives add more work. Cloud/mobile-centric architectures and dynamic-by-design infrastructures increase the complexity, creating a new class of challenges for both automated and human layers of IT security.

In this interactive session, we will examine and demonstrate a new data discovery paradigm and class of data analytics, specifically for the human layer of IT security. The creator of Immediate Insight will share his perspective on the ‘human layer’ technical requirements and his vision for the future. The workshop will include a live demonstration and a chance to take a test drive of the technology.

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About FireMon

Proactive Device Management
with FireMon Security Manager

The devices on your network contain thousands of rules that generate thousands of alerts a day. How do you determine which are necessary, which are compliant and which are leaving the network open to risk?

FireMon Security Manager gives you those answers in clear, web-based dashboards – providing continuous visibility into device configurations and performance – to help you clean up policies, make policy changes and ensure the policies you have in place are compliant.
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Real-Time Data Analysis
with Immediate Insight from FireMon

The more devices on the network, the more time-consuming and costly it is to gather, correlate and analyze the data they produce. However, the answers to many of today’s security incidents are buried in this data.

Immediate Insight from FireMon is a real-time data gathering and analysis tool that allows users to analyze suspicious activity and share insights with others on their team in plain English – no parsing required.

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