Using Security Policy And Automation (SPOA) Tools To Reduce The Attack Surface

Attack surfaces have expanded greatly in the past several years, in part because of the amount of new applications coming online via Internet of Things and increasingly connected technology. Organizations have an admittedly tough time keeping up with all the new touchpoints and the rapid expansion of the attack surface. Complete defense is nearly impossible, and many companies struggle with visibility issues, mismatched or misaligned firewall policies, and an inability to comprehensively test the security configurations they do have.

The solution for many in the past half-decade has been security policy and automation (SPOA) tools, which are are advancing rapidly in terms of their own underlying technology. Now they can address many organizational issues around expanded attack surface, and they often represent a cost savings to those same companies.

This white paper from Enterprise Management Associates (prepared for FireMon) goes into detail about how organizations can use SPOA tools to reduce their attack surface and their risk.