Survey finds that security professionals’ primary goals are threat detection and intelligence.

Network Security Analytics Brings Data-Driven Security Into the 21st Century

Author: Forrester Consulting
Published: November 2015

In November 2015, FireMon commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate security analytics trends and drivers. The study found that enterprises today require more data-driven security practices due to the increasing complexity of IT environments, more sophisticated adversaries and large volumes of data produced by automated systems. The data still relies on human interpretation to triage events and determine real risks, but the supply of skilled people is low.

To help streamline security operations and enhance human interpretation of threat analysis to reduce risk, IT security professionals are beginning to adopt analytics solutions that draw insight from security information management (SIM or SIEM) systems and other investigative analytics tools.

The Forrester research highlights:

  • The challenges enterprise IT organizations face today.
  • Recent research around security analytics solutions.
  • How security analytics can turn SIEM into an effective tool for incident response, not just compliance.
  • Understand the opportunities a data-driven security program provides the enterprise.

Download this survey to learn more about what 100 IT security decision makers and influencers at US enterprises think about security analytics trends and drivers.