Real-Time Analysis + Data Triage

Real-Time Data Triage

Deriving timely and actionable insight from your data is key to maintaining a competitive advantage and achieving mission goals. Despite this importance and focus, acquiring said insight is becoming increasingly difficult as the volume, variety and velocity of available data sources continues to explode. The prevailing opinion is to ship all data to prized Data Scientists and let them sort it out. However, these skilled specialists are only a piece of the puzzle and often lack the domain specific knowledge that accelerate exploration efforts. A perfect solution would enable Subject Matter Experts (SME) to gain access as quickly as possible, while deftly managing the ‘Big Data’ problem.

To address the SME disconnect, organizations often look to general-purpose analytic tools to rapidly triage and correlate incoming data. By making the data quickly accessible to everyone, they are able to derive value from perishable data sources while also driving more specialized downstream analytic capabilities. In today’s market, the number of general-purpose analytic tools vying for market share is staggering. Whether an organization is looking for a commercial or open source solution, there are truly too many to evaluate.

Download the report to learn how the Immediate Insight platform from FireMon can help your organization overcome the limitations and gaps inherent to the current analytical market.

In doing so, it will highlight how Immediate Insight can provide real-time analysis and data triage, empowering SME’s to apply their expertise to deriving value from perishable data while also freeing up data science resources to focus on broader downstream analytics.