Oil and Energy Company Increases IT Operational Efficiency and Enhanced Rule and Policy Compliance with FireMon


This mid-sized US-based oil and energy company was seeking to improve both the operational efficiency of their IT organization and security operations. They needed to streamline their processes for proposing and implementing changes to their firewall rule base. At the same time, they needed to enhance the speed and efficiency with which they performed rule compliance audits post-change. Their ideal solution would need to effectively meet the needs of both their firewall administrators and security analysts.


Why FireMon?

The company considered a number of competitive solutions before finalizing on FireMon Security Manager. As one of their IT Administrators observed, “For our use case, only FireMon met our needs and scaled with the systems we use.” The company cited FireMon Security Manager capabilities in the area of:

  • Business control: mapping requests for change, authorization for change, and the change that was made
  • Best practice review: identifying overly permissive rules, shadowed rules, use of "any", and similar issues
  • Change/impact analysis: ability to review changes in FireMon prior to production implementation


“Our primary use case for FireMon was to aid audits of firewall changes and finding weak rules. FireMon Security Manager met this need 100%,” the customer reported. The customer observed that, once configured to their requirements, pre-made reports provided immediate value. The data from the reports was informative and offered insight into remediation of problems; and implementation was easy, with compatibility for all major vendors.