Managed Service Provider

Use Case
  • Migrate & Upgrade Firewalls
  • Manage Multi-Vendor Firewall Environments
Products Used
The Problem

Each time this Global MSP engaged a new customer, they had to onboard the firewalls – sometimes hundreds per engagement – into their network. Part of the onboarding process required assessing the policies against internal best practices – a manual, line-by-line process that took an average of 16 hours/firewall and was extremely error-prone.

Ignoring this task or making mistakes during the process would result in a breakdown of basic security posture, outages and overall lack of customer satisfaction – an extremely important metric for MSPs who are focused on customer retention and service renewals.

The Solution

With FireMon Security Manager, the MSPs engineers were able to automate the gap analysis by first uploading the internal best practices – a one-time task. Then, for each new firewall, they were able to upload the policies and configurations and Security Manager produced a gap analysis report in a format that is ready for review with the customer, reducing the time it takes to run the report to just 30 minutes with zero oversights or mistakes. This improved the productivity of the engineering group and eliminated the possibility of embarrassing mistakes and/or resulting breaches – all of which increase the customer’s confidence in their services.

The Result

FireMon’s Security Manager automated the tedious, manual process of assessing compliance with internal best practices during the firewall onboarding process, resulting in a 90% time savings and no mistakes.

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