The 4 Firewall Security Gaps that are putting your organization at risk.

Firewall Sprawl: Top Four Security Gaps Exposed

Firewalls are the armed guards of your network. They decide what gets in, and what stays out. They’re vital network security devices that date back to the early days of the internet. And just as they were crucial in the 1980s, they remain crucial today.

Firewall technology has come a long way since its initial, most rudimentary forms. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are the latest development, and organizations are accelerating adoption to the new technology. But NGFWs aren’t a fix-all solution. Research shows the adoption of NGFWs hasn’t quelled the biggest challenge organizations face: firewall complexity.

Nearly half of all enterprises have firewalls installed over multiple sites and/or have multiple firewall vendors. NGFWs simply add another layer of complexity to this. Managing both traditional and NGFWs in the same environment can be a headache for even the most expert, well-resourced network teams. Firewall complexity is leaving companies exposed. The technology to keep company networks safe exists, but it isn’t being managed properly.

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