Only 4% of alerts are actually investigated.

Bridging the SIEM Alert Triage Gap

Just as our perimeter defenses have evolved to combat the changing threat landscape, so must our ability to create a data-driven security practice for increasingly complex infrastructures and sophisticated adversaries. Security teams need a way to add the human interpretation and decision-making layer that enables analysts to combine more diverse data types – both structured and unstructured – and rapidly triage events, so they can find answers more quickly. Years ago we added additional security layers (e.g. intrusion detection) to our perimeter. Now we need to add a new data analysis layer to augment our SIEMs.

Until now, scaling interaction with data for alert triage has required additional staff or increasing risk by excluding a portion of alerts from the triage process. The addition of Immediate Insight changes that, enabling security teams to improve event triage and incident response, extending the value of your existing full-featured SIEM.

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