What is the #1 Firewall Challenge?

2017 State of the Firewall

Networking continues to evolve, yet the firewall remains critical to securing today’s enterprises. FireMon is proud to present its 3rd Annual State of the Firewall Report based on 437 survey responses collected between November 16, 2016 and December 6, 2016. Survey participants were asked 26 questions about their current firewall infrastructure and management challenges as well as questions about adoption and impact of emerging technologies such as SDN, cloud, microsegmentation and Internet of Things (IoT).

This year’s report demonstrates the significance of firewalls to organizations’ security strategies – despite a majority of organizations adopting next-generation networking technologies such as cloud and SDN.

The full report explores three main findings from the survey:

  • Complexity reigns as top firewall management technology with rule optimization and multiple firewall vendors rounding out the Top 3.
  • Cloud and SDN are gaining steam with an overwhelming majority adopting each in some manner.
  • Firewalls continue to support it all with 9 of 10 stating it will remain critical to enterprise network security.

Download the report to learn more.