Should I reserve memory for Immediate Insight VM?

For performance reasons it is important to reserve RAM memory for Immediate Insight. If you do not reserve memory, resources might be shared with other VMs on the VMware Server, which will affect search performance. The default setting for a VM does not reserve memory, for best performance it is recommended to override this default and reserve the memory.

To reserve memory for your Immediate Insight VM, please following the following steps (example here for VM ESXi, but similar concept applies for VW Workstation etc.)

    • Connect to the ESXi server with vSphere Client

    • From the Inventory, select the Immediate Insight VM form the list

    • make sure the VM is powered off

    • click ‘Edit virtual machine settings’

    • click ‘Resources’

    • click ‘Memory’

    • check box for ‘Reserve all guest memory (All locked)’

    • click ‘OK’

    • power the VM back up, the proceed as normal