Reduce Network Security Costs with Policy Automation & Management

In 2018, the projection is that over $96 billion will be spent to secure global enterprises. Not breaking news, unfortunately: the world is a dangerous place filled with cyberattacks, data breaches, theft and fraud. Labor costs are also going to rise. So are professional service fees. There it is, the unsustainable situation. So, how do you cut costs and keep the enterprise secure?

Continuous Security Reduces Cost

It starts with automation – but not all automation is created equally. Enterprises need automation that adapts to vulnerabilities, checks for compliance and works dynamically as your network evolves. But how do you orchestrate all this? If you have limited staff, changing networks and relentless cybercriminals, who’s commanding the security controls?

With FireMon, you’re in command. Only FireMon gives you the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration.

  • Command security policy across the enterprise for effortless control of your security systems.
  • Orchestrate policy and security controls for the dynamic network in a dangerous world.
  • Run attack simulations, reducing your risk at hyper-speed.
  • Feel the ease of continuous compliance with automated, sub-second checks.
  • Monitor security policies on all your security systems: cloud, on-premises, hybrid and virtual.

The FireMon Solution

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Vulnerability Management

Costs go down as you manage the real exposures instead of random patching.

Combine vulnerabilities with security policies, run attack simulations and see all the exposures that could become exploits. It’s your personal, ongoing pen-test – but without the service fees.

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Continuous Compliance

Take the time and money out of audits. Costs go down when you’re always audit-ready.

Automate compliance checks across a library of 350+ controls. Customize your controls for internal and regulatory standards. Remove the guesswork, labor hours and penalties of a failed audit.

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Change the game on the security skills shortage with change automation and orchestration.

Keep your headcount constant, remove the manual work and use automation for rule design, risk review, provisioning and decommissioning.

The FireMon Difference

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Never waste a moment with real-time views into what’s happening now
  • Full Data Retention: Store the entire security history without data warehousing costs
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Stop wasting time with canned reports and limited search
  • Automation & Orchestration: Move fast, stay secure and keep costs contained