Firewall Management: Real-Time Threat Detection & Policy Management

I guess what they say about “what is old is new again” really is true, at least in the world of security marketing anyway.

More than 10 years ago when we first started developing FireMon, one of the core features that we thought any solution in firewall and policy management had to have was real time detection and management. Over the ensuing years, as we layered more and more functionality into FireMon, we have never swayed from that core belief and so real-time detection and management remain in the product today.

After pioneering the firewall policy management space ourselves for a time, about 4 or so years ago a few new kids on the block came into the market. While it would be nice to keep a market all for yourself, competition is inevitable and in some ways we welcomed it here at FireMon because it would drive to us to be an even better product and company.

One of the quirks that we noticed with some of the competition is that they did not seem to subscribe to the real time mantra. Instead they used a polling technology that didn’t give you the detection in a real-time mode. Frankly, we thought this was probably a mistake and it would be only a matter of time until they realized that real-time detection and management was a must.

Well, it only took them 4 or so years and now at least one of our competitors is touting “real-time detection.” We say, “real time”? It’s about time!

But that’s not the point I’m actually trying to make. At a time (no pun intended) when the security industry as a whole is being tagged for a lack of innovation, this type of me too technology being touted as something revolutionary just adds to the “innovation is dead” talk. It is cheap marketing at its worse to hold this up as something new when in fact it has been in the market already for years.

Our customers, the security industry and the media deserve better. Instead of rehashing old technology with a new marketing twist, we should be really innovating to better serve the market and make us all more secure.