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Speaker 1:
FireMon has identified five critical success factors that must be met in order to ensure business agility without sacrificing network security. In this demonstration, we’ll focus on the ability to protect everything.

Speaker 1:
To secure your network, you need to visualize, normalize and manage policy across all your security enforcement points, firewalls, routers, cloud security groups, SASE platforms, and more. However, network complexity and speed of business have left most organizations vulnerable. Managing network risk presents significant challenges.

Speaker 1:
First, enterprises have more IP addresses, servers, applications, and data than ever before. Second, the addition of new networking architectures and enforcement points, such as cloud, SDN and SASE have only added to the complexity. And third, security teams are given mandates in SLAs, but struggle to keep pace with business demands. Moreover, analyst firms like Gartner have predicted that through 2023, 99% of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations, adding even more stress to manual processes.

Speaker 1:
FireMon supports your entire network security estate. You can manage policy across your traditional and cloud-based firewalls, cloud security groups, and even new enforcement points like SD-WAN and SASE. And only FireMon delivers a single unified management interface to visualize devices across your heterogeneous and hybrid networks. FireMon can simulate an attack from anywhere in your network and trace the possible paths that attackers might use to gain access to your critical assets. And using FireMon security risk index, you can measure your exposure and realize risk reduction from your remediation efforts over time. FireMon instantly assesses and communicates risk associated with new access requests.

Speaker 1:
Preemptive inspection of new access requests will uncover vulnerable systems and scope the risk impact of proposed changes. This will prevent misconfigurations prior to implementation. FireMon helps you enable continuous compliance with regulatory and industry standards. You can streamline the process with easy to use assessment tools, controls customized to your environment, built-in reporting and automated logs. Assess and communicate risk while keeping pace with the change in complexity of your network. View your riskiest rules and policies in real time and take immediate action. And you can monitor your overall risk posture over time while maintaining compliance across all your network security enforcement points.

Speaker 1:
Get Agile. Get FireMon.

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