FireMon’s SPX appliances [PDF] are purpose-built, ready-to-deploy Security Manager implementations tailored to fit directly into a specific customer environment. Whether you’re monitoring 100 devices or 1,000, or conducting analysis in the same building or around the world, the SPX family of appliances has all the power and storage capacity necessary to meet Security Manager’s performance demands and the archival needs of your organization.

SPX appliance features include:

  • Quick initial setup
  • Hardened O/S
  • Command Line Interface for appliance management
  • Distributed data collection mechanism for geographically disperse deployments

The SPX 300 Series – for small- to medium-sized environments

  • SPX-305DC
  • SPX-310ES

The SPX 600 Series – for large- to enterprise-sized environments

  • SPX-605DC
  • SPX-620ES