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Secure the largest, most complex networks

The only solution certified and tested to 15,000 devices.

Unmatched scalability, in-depth analysis, and third-party integration enables real-time, centralized visibility and control as your hybrid network evolves.

  • Scale with an agile API-first approach
  • Perform simultaneous analysis and normalization across multiple platforms while splitting out reporting
  • Execute and manage scalable processes with a central source of policy truth
  • Retain data indefinitely without any system performance degradation

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Meet regulatory or internal compliance requirements with confidence

Meet regulatory or internal compliance requirements with confidence.

FireMon customers have seen a 4x reduction in the number of days per year spent on audit and compliance.

Security Manager provides automated compliance assessment capabilities that help you validate configuration requirements and alert you when violations occur.

  • Reduce the time spent configuring policies with rule recommendations
  • Validate policies against regulatory requirements, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC, and SOX
  • Accelerate compliance reporting and satisfy audit demands with ad hoc and customizable reports tailored to your unique requirements
  • Maintain continuous compliance with automated firewall rule recertification
Compliance Assessment Report

With a distributed architecture available for larger deployments, FireMon is excellent at scaling during or after implementation.

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Eliminate unnecessary access and reduce risk

Only FireMon delivers 400% faster policy change review time.

Security Manager removes network complexity and improves enterprise security posture with visibility and real-time analysis to reduce risk.

  • Leverage SASE, FWaaS, non-traditional firewalls, and SD-WAN
  • Achieve complete coverage of firewalls and cloud with full breadth of capability
  • Remove misconfigurations, technical mistakes, and unnecessary access with automated rule-review
  • Review and refine access to reduce policy complexity and optimize the performance of your devices

Enterprise Policy Dashboard

Easily adapt to changes in the environment and business requirements

$2M annual cost savings from automating manual processes.

By automating and orchestrating change management, Security Manager ensures your ability to operate at scale across your on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments.

  • Centralize management and orchestration of policies
  • Integrate NSPM with SOAR, ITSM, vulnerability management, and DevOps tools
  • Know the who, what, and when of every change that happens to monitored devices in real time
  • Integrate any required functionality via code, Swagger UI or workflow building blocks

Enterprise Security Rules

Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in security policies

3x reduction in risk over the status quo.

Through real-time traffic flow analysis, Security Manager tracks behavior across your network to identify which applications are being used in a rule and between sources and destinations.

  • Correlate vulnerability scans with access path analysis to trace every available access path across the network
  • Effectively manage your network’s attack surface with a defined path to remediation
Access Path Analysis


Traffic Flow Analysis
Access Path Analysis
Configurable Compliance Engine
Network Map Visualization
Advanced API Integration
Customizable Workflows
Instant Rule Analysis
Security Concern Indexing

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