Introducing Immediate Insight:
Real-Time IT & Network Data Analysis Tool

The answers to many of today’s security and operational incidents are buried in your data. However, gathering and analyzing data across devices, systems and applications on an enterprise network is a time-consuming, costly undertaking – especially for short-staffed IT teams. Without a good understanding of this data, network threats and service issues can go undetected and unresolved.

FireMon Immediate Insight collects and correlates all IT data to help analysts and operations staff increase visibility into the data and reduce the time and effort spent on incident triage.


Immediate Insight brings the speed and simplicity of a search engine to data analysis and discovery. It merges machine learning, correlation and natural language in a simple, workflow-centric interface to reveal relationships in the data that users didn’t even know to look for. It transforms organizations from a ‘data as last resort’ mindset to the ‘data first’ practice necessary to enhance security, performance and operations.

Immediate Insight’s real-time analysis across data silos provides the timely and detailed operational visibility necessary to:

  • Identify and investigate the suspicious.
  • Search for indicators of breach and operational inefficiencies.
  • Get real-time analysis of security data.
  • Accelerate incident resolution and reduce escalations.
  • Automatically connect and correlate data silos.
  • Stage data for analysis by escalation teams.

How It Works

Get Data

Get the Data:

Immediate Insight brings ease and flexibility to the data collection process so analysts can shift from gathering and preparing data for analysis to finding and solving issues.

Automatically receive streams of structured and unstructured data or import data on demand through a drag and drop interface. Natural-language technologies eliminate the need for parsing.

Analyze Data

Analyze the Data:

Out-of-the-box analytics and correlations automatically enrich and optimize data for real-time analysis, so users can see anomalies and non-obvious associations across large datasets and directly navigate huge volumes of data.

Automatically extract metadata, create associations, develop internal reputations and cluster in real time.

Explore Data

Explore the Data:

Targeted searches help users discover situations of interest, add context and take action when responding to security incidents, hunting for unusual activity or discovering opportunities to improve security and business processes – all without learning a query language.

There are five default views into the search results: detailed events, entity associations, event clusters, comparisons and notes, tags, alerts.

Collaborate Data

Collaborate in the Data:

The collaborative functions and workflow within the Immediate Insight solution eliminate the need to go to another system to share insights with others – creating a virtual tiger team without the costly physical formation.

Users can add custom context via tagging and follow others, social style, for enhanced learning and contribution.

Automate Data


The Workflow System and Data Router automate multi-step security or IT process analysis and create sophisticated action policies for each step in the process.

Workflows are configured with a drag-and-drop interface, plain English events are written for each step and the Data Router acts on those events in real time. Steps of the workflow are recorded so they can be used for process improvement.


Natural-Language Technology

Natural-Language Technology

Reduces data collection costs – no custom writing.

Automatic Data Enrichment

Automatic Data Enrichment

Highlights non-obvious relationships in the data.

Pinboard Searches

PinBoard Searches

Displays volume and trends and filters by any criteria for each pinned search.

Real-Time Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Enables teams to work with data at the speed of thought.

Workflow & Data Router

Workflow & Data Router

Automates complex data analysis processes.

Social Stream

Social Stream

Allows users to follow incidents and other users and share useful insights.

Use Cases

Security Incident Response
Security infrastructure identifies a potential breach. Immediate Insight enables teams to quickly separate real incidents from false positives.

Forensic Investigation
Existing visibility infrastructure answers the “what.” Immediate Insight answers the “why” and “how” to identify the root cause.

Proactive Reconnaissance
Find the unusual, new and changing in the data for any arbitrary search. Find the event that occurred once without knowing what to search for.

On-Demand & Ad Hoc Data Analysis
Correlation and analysis of multiple sources of data. Load and analyze a 2GB log file and a 1GB PCAP as easily as uploading a file to a server.

Application Videos


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