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Immediate Insight makes IT security data more accessible to help IT teams find issues impacting networksecurity and performance more quickly.

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Using Immediate Insight in Your Environment

Why Immediate Insight?


Significantly reduces data collection time and cost – no parsers/connectors to write.


Enables teams to work with data at the speed of thought.


Enriches data on upload. Workflow and data router automate complex analysis processes.


Collaborate and share insights with other users in the organization.

Key Product Features

  • Natural-Language Search: Reduces data collection costs – no custom writing required.
  • Automatic Data Enrichment: Highlights non-obvious relationships in the data.
  • PinBoard Searches: Displays volume/trends and filters by any criteria for each pinned search.
  • Workflow & Data Router: Automates complex data analysis processes.
  • Social Stream: Allows users to follow incidents and other users and share useful insights.
  • Supported Data: Firewall logs, IDS logs, Vulnerability management feeds, PCAP files, Threat intel feeds, Application server logs, Excel documents and much, much more!

Plans & Pricing

Select the data plan that best fits your organization.


  • 25 Million events
  • Store and analyze up to 25 million events at a time. Designed for ad-hoc analysis.


  • 50 Million events
  • Store and analyze up to 50 million events at a time. Designed for the everyday user.


  • 250 Million events
  • Store and analyze up to 250 million events at a time. Designed for business users with multiple data sources.


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  • 1 Billion Events
  • Store and analyze up to 1 billion events at a time. Designed for large enterprises with complex data
    analysis projects.

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