Immediate Insight SIEM Security Analytics – Get to the WHY faster.

Your SIEM tells you what the problem is, but do you know why the problem exists? Get to the root of threats to security and operations with real-time SIEM security analytics from Immediate Insight.

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What is Immediate Insight?

Immediate Insight is a SIEM security analytics platform built with the speed and simplicity of a search engine. It collects and correlates data from disparate sources to accelerate human analysis of large datasets. These connections enable security teams to work more effectively in three areas of investigation:

What Immediate Insight Helps You With

How It Works

Simple Data

Immediate Insight eliminates the need for parsing data through natural language indexing. No matter what type of data you’re auto-streaming or manually uploading, it is simple to ingest and requires zero query language. SEE SUPPORTED DATA »

Continuous Data Enrichment

As soon as data is uploaded, Immediate Insight presents you with actionable analysis. You can see clusters of like messages and events, correlations between IP addresses, user names, applications, etc. and comparisons over time.

Automated Collaboration

Add context to events using custom tags or tag another user to bring them into the investigation. Set up email notifications, event pinboards or custom scripts to kick off the remediation process when a threat is identified.


Quickly switch between views of defined data sets – including associations, clusters, comparisons, cohorts and tags – to quickly highlight the non-obvious characteristics and relationships in the data.

Why Immediate Insight?

  • Natural-Language: Simplifies search and data exploration to make data more accessible – no query languages or regex required.
  • Real-Time: Enables teams to work with data at the speed of thought.
  • Automatic: Enriches data at collection time. Workflows and data routers automate complex analysis processes.
  • Social: Collaborate and share insights with other users in the organization from within the software.
  • Flexible: Deploy centrally, distributed or via a disconnected personal system.
  • Contextual: Add context unique to your environment for a single entity or in bulk.

Immediate Insight Resources

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