FireMon Security Policy Automation

The path to digital transformation is paved with a sophisticated threat landscape, a security staffing shortage, emerging technologies, and the inability to keep up with business demands. See how automation can streamline your security workflows and boost your operational efficiency to drive innovation at the speed of business without sacrificing security.

About FireMon Automation

About FireMon Automation

FireMon Automation delivers a comprehensive blueprint for security process automation that accelerates and streamlines policy management through trusted accuracy, gold standards, and proactive continuous compliance. Download the FireMon Automation brief

Automate At Your Pace and Confidence Level

FireMon Automation delivers a comprehensive set of security policy automation capabilities that drive smart security process automation to effectively address your unique use case, infrastructure, or compliance requirements. Our multi-level approach drives efficiency, agility, and efficacy by aligning automated tasks to your specific requirements and gives you the flexibility to manage your automation journey at your pace and confidence level.

FireMon Automation delivers security policy automation capabilities
FireMon Compute Engine delivers Continuous Adaptive Enforcement

Recalibrate Global Security Policy with Continuous Adaptive Enforcement

Our patent-pending FireMon Compute Engine serves as the underlying technology that powers FireMon Automation. With always-on detection of network configuration changes across your heterogeneous, hybrid environment, the FireMon Compute Engine delivers Continuous Adaptive EnforcementTM that transparently adapts and recalibrates your global security policy to keep you focused on what matters most – security.

Streamline and Accelerate Security Efficiency

FireMon Automation improves security efficiency through integrated threat and vulnerability management. Using a rich set of APIs, FireMon integrates with security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions to provide another layer of security against malicious activity. By becoming a critical integration point, FireMon accelerates global security policy delivery while reducing complexity and human error.

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FireMon Automation improves security efficiency through integrated threat and vulnerability management

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FireMon delivers persistent network security for multi-cloud environments through a powerful fusion of real-time asset visibility, compliance and automation. See for yourself.