The Power of Network API's and Enterprise Risk Reduction

I was able to attend this years JavaOne conference, and had the privilege of hearing the keynote from David Ward of Juniper Networks. If you missed his presentation, you can see it here. One of the key points in his presentation was that the network and applications need to work together. As Lauren Cooney points out in her blog, The divide between IT and Developer is getting smaller and smaller – you can now access the network through a series of APIs and an orchestration layer that make it easier to build and scale applications specific to your network. The two need to work together to be successful.

At Firemon, we believe the opening of the network API’s  is highly beneficial to those of us developing security applications for the enterprise network. We have ported our new Risk Analyzer product to run on Space, and leverage the Space SDK to provide the application real-time awareness of all the network devices and how data traverses the entire network topology. This enables Risk Analyzer to have the most complete, up to date and real-time picture of an enterprise’s network topology, enabling Risk Analyzer to create the most accurate graphical representation of your entire network. Risk Analyzer then combines the network information from Space with the results of enterprise vulnerability scanning and clearly highlights all of the paths attackers can take to penetrate your network, including client-side vulnerabilities, in a matter of seconds.

Space enables Risk Analyzer to factor in the full context of the network topology and network security controls to provide the most accurate risk analysis and remediation. Space enables Firemon to focus our development efforts on further enhancing Risk Analyzer’s patented analysis engines, knowing the Space SDK will always provide the necessary network information. Firemon is excited to be one of the first companies to partner with Juniper and leverage the Space SDK. We look forward to continued enhancement of the joint technology and many exciting developments to come in the next few months.