Post-Migration Training

This training class is offered online and is only available to customers that have migrated from version 7. This 4 hour class will cover differences between 7 and 8, changes to the FireMon OS, navigating the new interface, change management, reducing policy complexity, compliance auditing, Policy Planner, and Policy Optimizer. This class was designed to help transition users of version 7 to version 8. It was not designed to be comprehensive training. Customers interested in comprehensive training will need to pay and register for the Instructor-Led Certification Class The training is delivered using Citrix GoToTraining. Watch the GoToTraining video to learn more about GoToTraining.

Modules Covered
  1. New and Improved Architecture
  2. Changes to the FireMon OS
  3. Navigate the New Interface
  4. The Administration Center
  5. Monitoring Devices
  6. Configure the Network Map
  7. View and Manage Changes to Devices
  8. Reducing Policy Complexity with Usage Analysis
  9. Compliance Auditing
  10. Event Logs, Backups, and Updates
  11. Policy Planner and Policy Optimizer
  12. Immediate Insight


Free. Customers interested in comprehensive certification training will need to pay and register for the FireMon Solutions Expert Class using the Instructor-Led Certification Class

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