Observations from RSA Conference 2017

Taking in all the RSA Conference has to offer and distilling it into one takeaway is a futile effort. I heard some of the brightest minds interpret what’s going on in the security space today how to solve for it. I also heard a lot of FUD and silver bullet promises. But following the IDC analyst event on Wednesday, three themes really started to emerge: dynamic threats and their ability to adapt and mutate at pace; compliance and regulation and the need for forensic and auditing solutions; and digital transformation or the road companies take when digitalizing business processes and shifting to the cloud, for example.

Naturally, vendors came from all over to address these business requirements, vying for their place in enterprise as “the” security product to have. With so many different options, organizations should be spoiled for choice. While there’s no denying the importance of these types of security technologies, the trick is getting each of these point solutions that solve different security issues, such as perimeter defenses, endpoint and network security to all work together. In the context of the show, 2,000+ vendors make for a lot of noise and complexity.

Though, it was encouraging to see the conversation picking up around the need to have visibility and actionable intelligence around all of these point solutions due to that complexity. After all, there is not much point in having the solutions in place if they’re not managed properly or configured correctly. It’s something FireMon aims to address with its Intelligent Security Management solutions, helping companies gain visibility into their complex security infrastructures and operate more proactively to both prevent and detect potential breaches.

Another key conversation was the acknowledgment that organizations need to respond quickly to threats and how to prioritize those threats. This all harks back again to Intelligent Security Management and the need for security analytics that give business-aware context to help organizations make the right decisions more quickly.

With the speed of business accelerating, the complexity of security infrastructure multiplying and the severity of cyber threats increasing, it was clear from discussions at RSA that many security teams are struggling to keep up. FireMon is turning security management on its head and helping customers control their security destinies. See how we can help you.