Industry-first study quantifies security management impact on security-related risks and operational costs

FireMon, the global leader in Network Security Policy Management (NSPM), has today published a report entitled Quantifying the Value of Firewall Management, conducted by research firm Aberdeen Group. The report illustrates the increasingly complex problem of firewall sprawl and quantifies the median savings after implementing a firewall management solution of more than three million dollars for a typical mid-size organisation. For the typical Fortune 500 company, the savings could be tens of millions of dollars.

“The surprising complexity of enterprise network firewall infrastructure means that manual management of policies, rules and configurations is time-consuming and error-prone, adding operational cost and increased security-related risks,” said the report’s author Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow at Aberdeen Group. “Analysis shows that compared to the status quo, the implementation of a firewall management solution corresponds to a median reduction in risk of about 3.6 times and a median annual return on investment of more than 200 times.”