FireMon Smashes Scalability Record: Now Analyzing 1 Billion Logs a Day

Highly scalable, enterprise-class architecture sets FireMon apart in security management market

OVERLAND PARK, KS and DALLAS, TX – November 2, 2017 – FireMon, the leader in Intelligent Security Management, today announced a record-breaking data milestone with one billion events analyzed daily in a single customer environment. The unprecedented level of data ingestion is attributed to the highly scalable, distributed architecture behind FireMon’s Security Manager platform.

As enterprise networks scale to accommodate new technologies, threats and business objectives, it becomes more difficult to understand network behavior and security posture. Security devices and their associated controls deliver valuable information; however, limitations in cross-vendor data polling prevent enterprises from achieving real-time, global visibility.

“Lack of visibility can occur due to a number of reasons, including understaffed network teams and/or inadequate funding for management/tools … But gaining such visibility is a crucial requirement toward gauging how the network is actually performing and can best serve the organization,” Gartner analysts Andrew Lerner et al wrote in their report Avoid These ‘Bottom Ten’ Networking Worst Practices. The report further notes, “Increased network visibility provides quicker troubleshooting of network problems, and swifter identification of security threats.”*

With the ability to ingest and analyze more than one billion logs a day from large-scale, heterogeneous environments, FireMon is able to provide a complete picture of network behavior, compliance and risk exposure within its Security Manager platform. Some of the real-time insights Security Manager is able to uncover leveraging this data include:

  • Policy usage analytics
  • Network traffic flows and patterns
  • Changes to network access
  • Current compliance status
  • Complexity of the ruleset

The Security Manager architecture is rooted in distributed data collection, allowing for endless live-streaming from the network. With a single console, organizations have full visibility into all their network security policies without missing anything caused by periodic data retrieval (viz. polling). Unlike other available solutions, FireMon’s live data ingest and streaming are able to provide the necessary data to address network security concerns and compliance mandates in real time.

“Our platform doesn’t just store events for later searching,” said Jeremy Martin, SVP of Engineering for FireMon. “Instead, customers can analyze data as it comes in, providing the real-time visibility they need to effectively manage their firewall and network security infrastructure.” He added, “Several FireMon customers have surpassed the 1 billion events-per-day mark. Automating analysis for that many security events is only possible with FireMon.

 *Gartner, “Avoid These ‘Bottom Ten’ Networking Worst Practices,” Andrew Lerner, Danellie Young, Vivek Bhalla, Refreshed: 21 April 2017 | Published: 2 December 2015


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