FireMon Launches Community Version of Advanced Security Analytics Software

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Focused on improving customers’ ability to reduce the risk of security threats and network anomalies, proactive security intelligence firm FireMon has announced that its Immediate Insight security analytics software is available at no cost from the company’s website. Immediate Insight makes data accessible in a way that enables more of the IT organization to discover and analyze it in order to accelerate security event triage, improve incident response and perform proactive reconnaissance for threats. To download, visit The average IT security team is inundated by thousands of daily alerts from systems and devices deployed across the network. Immediate Insight merges machine learning, correlation and natural language in a simple, workflow-centric interface that allows users to analyze both structured and unstructured data to more quickly assess if an alert is a false positive or a threat. The result: more information and a faster response to anomalous activity and threats. With Immediate Insight, users can stream nearly any type of data into the platform for correlation and investigation, enabling them to:

  • Automatically correlate SIEM alerts and human data like email with enriched infrastructure data to more quickly assess whether an event is a false positive.
  • Drag multi-gigabyte log files from multiple sources into Immediate Insight to create time-correlated views to accelerate incident response.
  • Search for specific events and behaviors, trends and associations to spot high risk activity that wouldn’t trigger a security alert from a SIEM or other systems.

Immediate Insight was acquired by FireMon in April 2015 to expand the firm’s core capabilities beyond network security device management to include the ability to proactively respond using advanced information security analytics. Together, FireMon delivers the ability to visualize and monitor network and security assets, manage access rules and paths and analyze data to rapidly identify and investigate security threats. The result is a comprehensive security management solution that increases visibility, improves compliance and accelerates response to reduce risk. “Immediate Insight is all about data accessibility, making sure security and forensic analysts have the insight they need to prevent and respond to security incidents more quickly,” said Mark Carney, Vice President and General Manager of Immediate Insight. “We want to see that mission through by making the software available to as many people as possible, and the best way to do that is to offer a full-featured version to the community.” The full-featured free community version offering enables searches of indexes up to 25 million events. Higher event and storage limits are available in a licensed version of the software. Download the community version of Immediate Insight at [title size=2]About FireMon[/title] FireMon solutions deliver continuous visibility into and control over network security infrastructure, policies, and risk. Using the FireMon Security Intelligence Platform, today’s enterprise organizations, government agencies, and managed services providers dramatically improve effectiveness of network defenses, optimizing investments and speeding response to changing business demands. For more information, visit [title size=2]About Immediate Insight[/title] Founded in 2012 and based in Los Altos, CA, Immediate Insight is transforming how IT teams uncover actionable insights from their data to improve security and operational efficiency. Our solution merges natural language, machine learning, and correlation in a simple workflow-centric interface to highlight non-obvious relationships and anomalies in the data, speeding incident response, streamlining forensic investigations, and enabling proactive reconnaissance. For more information, visit