65% Of IT leaders Expect A Serious Data Breach To Hit Their Business In The Next Year

Information Security Buzz

According to a survey report issued by Okta, 65% of respondents think that a data breach will happen within the next 12 months if they do not upgrade legacy security solutions in time. NSFOCUS, FireMon and Lastline commented below.

Michael Callahan, CMO at FireMon:

“I don’t think we’re failing as much as we don’t have enough skilled people and you need to supplant that through automation tools that help you manage the complex environments. Companies are increasingly looking to security management vendors to address both of these concerns. I’m surprised it’s not higher than 65% but maybe it has to do with how you define serious. I think most leaders believe they will experience some sort of breach. We don’t have a technology problem. There are many many security technologies. The issue is how do you effectively manage these solutions in an increasingly complex environment. The answer is to take advantage of security management tools that see the entire infrastructure and can automate change, find risks and simulate the effect of changes.”