Never Underestimate the Power of a Misconfigured Firewall

Let’s talk about firewall misconfigurations. While on the surface, it’s not the most exciting of ways an organization can be breached (no secret spy work or insider meddling), but it’s an unfortunate fact that firewall misconfigurations are one of the primary causes of breaches to firewalls, the very technology put in place to ensure network security and keep cyber criminals out. They’re also one of the most preventable.

Take the recent cyber attack on Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust in the UK that was largely to blame – according to an NCC investigation – on a misconfigured firewall. The resulting ransomware attack took the trust offline for four days and 2,800 patient appointments were canceled as a consequence. While this is bad enough for a healthcare organization, imagine what it could mean to a large enterprise where downtime is the kiss of death for the business.

At FireMon, we want to eradicate this problem. That makes it disheartening to hear of major incidents occurring as a result of a firewall misconfiguration. We know that having the right intelligent tools in place that automatically analyze and monitor firewall technologies can make all the difference when it comes to minimizing security risk and plugging holes in the network security infrastructure. Using Intelligent Security Management to identify problem areas is our business and the key to making yours operationally efficient and more secure.

In fact, recent research presented in a Forrester report entitled Automate Zero Trust Policy and Enforcement concluded that 55% organizations that utilize firewall management tools see fewer breaches and a further 65% see increased productivity.

Don’t let your firewall misconfigurations become the next security headline, let us show you a better way. Contact us to learn more >>