Firewall Analysis & Network Security API

Jody Brazil

To integrate smoothly into today’s diverse enterprise environments, FireMon Security Manager features a highly dynamic and flexible application programming interface (API), allowing for comprehensive, centralized management of network security infrastructure.

With a RESTful open-standard architecture that offers organizations the ability to incorporate all the critical information necessary to perform conclusive analysis of firewall devices, policies and underlying risks, Security Manager supports any necessary level of integration.

As organizations seek to further advance Security Manager’s capabilities via ongoing applications development, the FireMon API empowers integration leveraging nearly any web-based language to support organizations’ unique requirements.

Through direct interaction with any commercial solutions or internal applications, FireMon delivers all the critical network security assessment capabilities that today’s enterprises require, including:

  • Integration with ticketing and management platforms
  • Interface with all managed services provider portals
  • Custom analysis and reporting applications development
  • Integration with enterprise resource management systems
  • Integration with all network SIEM and GRC systems