Command Cloud Security

Cloud infrastructure comes with the same risks and threats as on-prem with one subtle twist: the rate of expansion. Cloud services can be spun up, deployed and provisioned faster than you can say “IaaS.” It’s only natural to miss critical security controls. How do you use the latest in cloud computing without destroying it all with shoddy security?

Continuous Security for the Cloud

Clouds are, well, cloudy. It can be difficult to see what’s happening in the fog. Add to the mix, the common practice of shadow (rogue) IT, and you get runaway infrastructure. It’s not that the cloud is unsecure, plenty of security controls are there for the taking. The problem is: how do you manage them all?

FireMon gives you total visibility into your cloud systems, automates security controls and commands policy with the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance, and orchestration. It’s your cloud, covered.

  • Command security for public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • Orchestrate policy in the cloud with the same force as on-prem.
  • Automate changes to cloud security in minutes instead of weeks
  • Remove the time-intense cloud audit with continuous compliance.
  • Monitor security in real-time across your entire cloud environments.

The FireMon Solution

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Vulnerability Management

See the cloud from the perspective of a data thief with attack simulation.

Bring cloud vulnerabilities together with security controls, simulate attack paths and take action to shut down the exposure with automated security policy change.

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Continuous Compliance

It is tough to pin down a cloud, even harder to audit it. Avoid the headache with continuous compliance. 

Real-time compliance checks across over 350 controls gives you the details, automated policy change brings you back with compliance drifts. You are always audit-ready.

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Command airtight security policies in a cloudy world with automated risk analysis and change management.

Stop setting cloud security one-by-one. You can orchestrate all cloud security controls from a single FireMon console. The manual work is gone, it’s all orchestrated with absolute precision.

The FireMon Difference

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Sub-second awareness of your cloud environment 
  • Full Data Retention: All your cloud security controls, all in one place
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Pinpoint cloud security failures and vulnerabilities 
  • Automation & Orchestration: Command cloud security from a single management console